Roger is an effective, reliable, certified professional

Certified Microsoft MCSE, MCP+I, MCP and CompTIA Network+, A+. Experienced in business and operations management.
Providing open source based solutions from business productivity and management, to online cloud and hosting support.

Communication is the key to success

My approach is to work with you, as a team, so I can provide the solution needed for your specific needs.
One of the most important facets of our working relationship is to listen first, describe the best approach, and then deliver.

Web Projects Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Simply put, businesses grow and change over time, each requiring custom solutions to meet their specific needs. I provide solutions that range from ecommerce, blogging, file servers, sales CRM solutions, and so on. Also providing advice and consulting services to help you maximize your ROI.

From experience, the majority of business clients are not as experienced in technical or web based solutions (because they are busy improving their business operations). I specialise in listening and learning about the specific business needs and challenges you have, and converting them into successes, by providing innovative and cost effective solutions.

A one stop shop for your online & business technical needs

One primary benefit provided is the broad range of skills from cloud hosting to web development, through to technical support
Saving you time and money, particularly when you no longer have to coordinate between multiple parties, or try to find a solution

Roger J. Wheatley, MCSE, MCP+I, MCP, N+, A+

I'm a techie at heart, having always tinkered with computers. With the advent of the Internet, it was natural for me to push the boundaries. Invariably business solutions became a focus of mine, as I was fascinated to make the world even smaller, and the reach of clients even greater. One claim to fame is my knack for improving targeted traffic. One challenge I particularly recall, was to raise the monthly visitor rate of a blog from 3000 visits per month to 100,000. I accomplished this in two months and the blog was averaging a stable 80,000+ visitors monthly.

I've a passion to be results oriented. "Beautiful presentation" is subjective. Getting your site to appear on search engines, and gaining traffic isn't. Good developers (and designers) know that the Web isn't only an artistic medium! The Internet is a platform primarily for communicating information, and secondarily for selling your products or services. When professionals provide sites that are invisible to search engines, thereby limiting the amount of traffic to the site, thereby limiting the opportunity for people to consume your information and buy your products and services, they've failed, without question. It's like creating a beautiful work of art and then putting it in an art gallery... in the attic.

In addition to blogging, Social Media facilitates enormous benefits for business owners. I keep my finger on the pulse of new and upcoming social media trends, while keeping my foot on the standard and popular. When you're driving business, you need to look what's ahead of you! I'm a pathfinder, I forge ahead into the unknown and upcoming, shouldering the challenges so clients don't have to. As one client phrased it, I'm the "go to guy".

One important thing that makes me tick, is learning about your business needs, developing a solution with you, then sharing a high level of knowledge and expertise to bring your goals to fruition.

I do not work for you... I work with you!